Nikolay Alekseev

alexeevBorn in 1986 in Voronezh. He graduated from Voronezh Art College. Co-founder of the Voronezh Center for Contemporary Art. Nominted for the Innovation state art prize in 2011 and 2012 in the Regional Project category (wuth Ilya Dolgov). Kandinsky Prize finalist in 2011.

The objects presented at the exhibition are geometric bodies — plaster casts of the empty spaces in found packing foam, of the kind that usually contains electronics. The casts of negative space inside packages and containers. Gathered together they reveal parallels with architecture, the avant-garde, nature and visual history. Researching, spelling out these parallels, we can discover a kingdom of silent forms that lives by its own laws. Neither this world nor in particular its properties, hierarchies and species have yet been described, so the researcher has a captivating opportunity to be simultaneously a bird and Jean Francois Champollion, looking at an Egyptian puzzle under some clouds.
A kingdom, a region, a sphere, a world consisting of repetitive gestures, communications and logistical schemes leaves no direct evidence of its existence. Only traces, hints, spaces. To know this world we need to describe it, make a list, make an inventory. So the traces must be made visible and spaces must become tangible. Functions, paths, meeting and situations take shape and therefore should be ordered, considered and counted. This is clearly an impossible task — forms infinitely multiply, mutate and avoid being catalogued, leaving the record unfinished, incomplete, open, always implying a “to be continued…”

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