Nikolay Nasedkin

nasedkinBorn in 1954. In 1970-74 he studied at the Fedoskino School of Miniature Painting and he has exhibited his work since 1982. Longlisted for the 2008 and 2009 Kandinsky Prize in the Project of the Year category. Solo show “Black” in Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2012–2013). His works are held by the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and others.

How can one express feelings of friendship, be it to a person or an animal, in today’s art world? Nasedkin paints portraits of those he knows and loves — acquaintances, colleagues, cats. It is somewhat difficult to discern real features in these extravagant semi-abstractions in sorrowfully depressive colors, where even spots of red look like deadly wounds. But if you peer more closely you see how alive they all seem. “Seem” is important here. Hung on wire hangers and done on kraft paper, they vibrate in an infinite sphere that resists letting the viewer in and resists letting him out even more. They are the result of a spiritualistic séance that called forth the shadows of friends and even the shadow of the artist himself, because there are some self-portraits in this installation. They are the chimeras of love — a simple human feeling — and only a thoughtful viewer can turn them into real creatures. But the material base is already there — kraft, hangers and the brushstrokes. This is genuine emotion given full and uncompromising form. Letters have been sent. Poste restante. Sapienti sat.

Alexander Panov

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