Nikolay Polissky

polisskiyBorn in 1957 in Moscow. Since 2000 he has taken a new creative path, producing large-scale objects in the landscape using natural materials with the help of peasants near the village of Nikola-Lenivets.

Universal Mind
The idea for the project came up while casually watching television, when Polissky learned about a supercomputer with an artificial intellect being built somewhere. To reduce the danger of this fright­ening computer to peaceful citizens, Polissky decided to construct a wooden counterweight in Niko­la-Lenivets — something huge and complex, but human and warm rather than technogenic. The re­sult was “Universal Mind,” a “brain” as the author calls it. The installation covered a large field in Nikola-Lenivets, Polissky’s village art laboratory. The most notable aspect of “Universal Mind” is its incredible complexity, which paired with its inten­tional primitivism has an inimitable effect typical of Polissky’s artworks. It is not simply something melded with the landscape, or a reproduction of classical architectural forms, or postmodern Land Art. It is idealistic art that has spilled out of the narrow walls of museums and until recently did not exist in Russia. These massive sculptures strike viewers with their freedom and deceptive simplicity.

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