11th Kandinsky Prize 2017 announced list of nominees of (long-list)

The Long-list of the 11th Kandinsky Prize includes 30 nominees. In the nomination «Project of the Year» – 15 art projects, «Young Artist. Project of the Year» – 10 art projects, in the nomination «Scholarly work. History and theory of contemporary art» – 5 research works.

Nominees (in alphabetical order):

«Project of the Year»
1. Victor Alimpiev. Innocent
2. Evgeniy Antufiev. Fragile things
3. Peter Beliy. Dialect
4. Vita Buivid. My love is not a trickle of smoke
5. ZIP group. ZIP Workers Club Station
6. Anya Zholud. Half the trouble or illusion of the routine
7. Polina Kanis. Pool
8. Irina Korina. The tail wags the comet
9. Irina Korina. Svetilishchay
10. Olga Kroytor. Cocoon
11. Alexandra Mitlyanskaya. Between past and future
12. Pavel Otdelnov. White Sea. Black hole
13. Sasha Pirogova. Garden
14. Maria Safronova. Total private
15. Keti Chukhrov. Communion

«Young Artist. Project of the Year»
1. Anastasia Bogomolova. Landscape
2. Aslan Gaisumov. Numbers
3. Alexei Korsi. Fifteen centimeters
4. Olga Kroytor. Coordinates of disappearance
5. Katherine Nenasheva. Punishment
6. Sasha Pirogova. MONO
7. Anastasia Potyomkina. We do not sow
8. Daria Pravda. Sharovery
9. Danila Tkachenko. Laboratory field
10. Vladimir Chernyshev, Artem Filatov. Tabula

«Scholarly work. History and theory of contemporary art»
1. Alexey Bobrikov. «The Russian Idea on the Souvenir Counter» and Other Essays on (Post)Soviet Art. Manuscript.
SPb, 2017
2. Alexander Borovsky. One Day Zeuxis and Parrhasius… Contemporary Art: Practical Observations. Moscow:
Tsentrpoligraf, 2017
3. Valentin Dyakonov. Moscow Art Scene in the 1950–1960s. The Birth of Underground Art. Manuscript. M., 2016
4. The Thaw (collective of authors). Executive editor: Т. Karpova. Scientific editors: K. Svetlyakov, F. Balakhovskaya. Compilers: A. Kurlyandtseva, Yu. Vorotyntseva. М.: State Tretyakov gallery, 2017
5. Ivan Chechot. From Beckmann to Breker. Articles and sketches. SPb: Workshop “Session”, 2016. Selected articles from the book

In 2017, the Organizing Committee of the Prize received 459 applications, among them 160 in nomination «Project of the Year», 283 applications in nomination «Young Artist. Project of the Year», 16 applications in nomination «Scholarly
work. History and theory of contemporary art». Applications were received from 72 cities in Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Voronezh, Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Tver and others, and in the scientific nomination, where not only Russians but also citizens of other countries could apply, in addition to Russia, From the USA, Canada and Israel.
The status of nominees of the Prize (according to the Prize Rules) in the nomination «Project of the Year» is acquired by at least 15 artists, in the nomination «Young Artist. Project of the Year» – at least 10 artists, in the nomination «Scholarly work. History and theory of contemporary art» – at least 5 authors. Counting of votes in the nominations «Project of the Year» and «Young Artist. Project of the Year» was produced on July 19, 2017 (in the nomination «Scholarly work. History and theory of contemporary art» – July 6, 2017). The control of the compliance of voting procedures with the Rules of the Kandinsky Prize on the day of vote counting was carried out by EY.

The list of finalists of the award (Short-list) will be announced in September this year, and the winners will be announced in December 2017 at the official awards ceremony.

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