11th Kandinsky Prize 2017 announced the list of finalists (short-list)

The Short-list of 11th Kandinsky Prize includes 9 finalists. Each of the nominations — «Project of the Year», «Young artist. Project of the Year» and «Scholarly work. History and theory of contemporary art» —presented by three finalists.

Finalists (in alphabetical order):

«Project of the Year»

1. ZIP group. ZIP Workers Club Station
2. Polina Kanis. Pool
3. Irina Korina. The tail wags the comet

«Young Artist. Project of the Year»

1. Aslan Gaisumov. Numbers
2. Sasha Pirogova. MONO
3. Danila Tkachenko. Laboratory field

«Scholarly work. History and theory of contemporary art»

1. Alexey Bobrikov. «The Russian Idea on the Souvenir Counter» and Other Essays on (Post)Soviet Art. Manuscript. SPb, 2017
2. Alexander Borovsky. One Day Zeuxis and Parrhasius… Contemporary Art: Practical Observations. Moscow: Tsentrpoligraf, 2017
3. The Thaw (collective of authors). Executive editor: Т. Karpova. Scientific editors: K. Svetlyakov, F. Balakhovskaya. Compilers: A. Kurlyandtseva, Yu. Vorotyntseva. М.: State Tretyakov gallery, 2017

The finalists were selected by the International Jury (in nominations «Project of the Year», «Young Artist, Project of the Year») and the Jury (in nomination «Scholarly work. History and Theory of Contemporary Art») from 30 nominees, which were presented by 15 art projects in the nomination «Project year», by 10 art projects in the nomination «Young Artist. Project of the Year» and by 5 research works in the nomination «Scholarly work. History and theory of contemporary art».

The status of the finalists in accordance with the regulations of the Kandinsky Prize in each nomination is acquired by three authors, whose works gained the highest rating by voting results. The voting results were counted on September 13, 2017. The control of the compliance of voting procedures with the rules of the Kandinsky Prize on the day of vote counting was carried out by EY. The 11th Kandinsky Prize members of Jury are presented on official website.

The 11th Kandinsky Prize winners will be announced on December 2017. The final voting of the International Jury and the Jury of the scientific nomination are held no earlier than two hours before the announcement of the winners.

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