Olga Florenskaya

florenskayaBorn in Leningrad June 7th 1960. In 1982 graduated from Saint Petersburg Mukhina Art and Industry Colledge. Member of the MITKI art group (1985-2000) Member of the Artists’ Union of Russia (since 1989) Since 1995 together with Alexander Florensky works on big-scale art projects: “MOVEMENT TOWARDS JOE”, “RUSSIAN PATENT”, “MOVABLE BESTIARY”, “LOCAL TIME”, “RUSSIAN TROPHY”, “UNIVERSAL MUSEUM OF WILHELM WINTER” etc.


Actually , I was long overdue to do painting signs.
The fact that for many years I have been collecting ” everyday printing .” During this time in my collection , a host of beautiful artifacts , written by anonymous geniuses in iron , wood, stone , paper. But an even greater number of them , I have not managed to take hold.
Many of these masterpieces were lost irretrievably inaccessible literally before my eyes. I felt especially acutely is in Georgia, where the quantity and quality of homemade signage is amazing , and the southern sun and human carelessness greatly reduce their lifespan .
Living in Tbilisi, I invented a simple and effective way of gathering – an honest exchange of old for new signage . For simplicity’s sake, New Listing I did myself. Business went well, and the collection was replenished several distinct patterns. But at some point the artist in me overpowered collector. On glands and plywood by prepared to share , I started to paint signs for yourself. Some of them had a specific prototype , others were a pure improvisation.
The ” SIGNS ” began with a beautiful Georgian letters – any inscription in Georgian looks like a complex ornamental composition . Parallel drawn signs in Russian and English . Once in Jerusalem , I enthusiastically painted signs in Arabic and Hebrew. Perhaps, over time there will be signs in other languages .

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