Oleg Dou

douBorn in 1983. Lives in Moscow. Graduate student at MoscowState Institute of Steel and Alloys. Has had solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, Brussels and Paris (2006-2007).

There is something in Oleg Duryagin’s figures that is glaringly inanimate. The beautiful, unusual, and extremely varied female visages in Duryagin’s Naked Faces are markedly deprived of individuality. The bleached and shorn skulls have no eyebrows or eyelashes. The figures in Paper and Paints, with their paint-and-paper masks, generally transmit something humanoid. But the artist did not at all intend for these to be new arrivals from distant galaxies; rather, they are genuine portraits of people like us. Like in the film The Matrix, only after taking the magic pill can we see reality without embellishment. The feeling of coldness and estrangement evoked by the masks’ skin and the blind pursuit of fashion that results in homogeneity are the frightening resulting outcome of globalization and imposed stereotypes. But while the indifferent gaze from behind the mask in Paper and Paints may be directed at us, in Naked Faces the seemingly intentional sterilization emphasizes that there is emotion within; we see it in the vivid expression of the eyes.
Yulia Lebedeva

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