Olshvang Anton

The researcher is inseparable from the object of investigation. The
traveller is inseparable from the landscape.

Each era shows and activates its proper unique signs and their
combinations. The living and changing landscape of culture can be seen
as a chrono-semantic landscape. The process of the
self-identification of cultural territories related to the process the
personal self identity.

This process is closely linked with the “recognition of names”, as
developed in architecture of ancient mythology.

Changes in the historical context bring about the transmutation of
existing concepts and traditions. I am interested in the area of
cultural reality not only as a product of man’s conscious activity but
also as a product of society’s unconscious.

The spatial installation “Hogweed”

The result of an artistic field study in the post-Soviet territory.

( Hogweed is a gigantic umbrella plant, dangerous to humans and animals,
but nevertheless edible, which has got out-of-control. When it comes
into contact with the body which is simultaneously exposed to
sunlight, it leaves burns, sores and scars. At the same time, this
plant, being a powerful source of clean air, absorbs carbon dioxide
and exhaust fumes. It is absolutely harmless when dry. )

Objects, installations and texts, involved in the project:

1. Seven empty rustic milk pots moulded out of ice melt at sunrise on posts
in the abandoned village. While melting, they change their appearance,
and then suddenly burst with a dull sound. Photographs, objects,
(including a video projection with surround sound).

2. Floor cloths made of pure galvanic nickel are included in the installation.

3. An old electric substation with severed wires, converted into “A
Perpetual motion machine” with more than a hundred percent efficiency,
where a rotating wheel with magnets charges old accumulators, which
supplies the village with an autonomous source of energy. Advanced
technologies were truly used for this installation.

The copper is taken out of the severed electrical cables.

An old abandoned Village of Seven weathered wooden old village
houses; makeshift platforms with tractor wheels to carry these old
houses. All around, gigantic five-meter hogweed plants have sprouted
through the cultural layer and withered.

4. Portraits of transgenic goats into whose genome a human gene has
been added. Such goats produce human milk with the human protein –

5. Cast from pure silver, using unique technology, is a
lily-of-the-valley flower with its root system, which quite possibly
is unparalleled in the world in terms of the accuracy of casting.

6 Cast in bronze, Bushes of nettles, Burdock and Young Christmas trees.

7.Huge translucent drums, made from cowhide, whose making is part of
the performance based on the archetypes of Russian fairy tales.

The installation is devoted to a neutral historical zone, in which
work with “energies of the possible” takes place, in which that which
has been forgotten and underestimated suddenly has a chance to unite
with that which is the most advanced and technologically
revolutionary, in which the newest and advanced is born out of the
old, the unclaimed, the rejected and almost forgotten.

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