Exhibit of 2013 Kandinsky Prize Nominees Opens

The seventh exhibition of 2013 Kandinsky Prize nominees opened at Udarnik on September 12.

Managed by Antonio Geusa, PhD, independent curator, critic, and expert in innovative approaches to art. The exhibit space was built by Konstantin Larin of the group Progress 88 and designed by Dmitry Gusev.

There were 372 submissions for the Kandinsky Prize for this year’s competition. The Kandinsky Prize international jury and panel of experts selected 37 works to display at the exhibition of Prize nominees.

37 artists were nominated for the 2013 Kandinsky Prize: 20 for the Project of the Year and 17 for Project of the Year: Young Artist categories.

The exhibition will feature a second round of voting: the Kandinsky Prize international jury will announce the finalists in each of the two Prize categories. The total prize money for 2013 is 50000 Euro: 40000 Euro for the “Project of the Year” winner and 10000 Euro for the “Project of the Year: Young Artist” winner.

The opening of the Udarnik nominee exhibition was attended by Petr Aven, Mikhail Kamensky, Vasily Tsereteli, Olga Sviblova, Joseph Backstein, Yelena Selina, Aidan Salakhova, Alena Donteskaya, Svetlana Marich, Pierre Broche, Boris Orlov, Grigory Bruskin, the AES+F group, Kirill Serebrannikov, and others.

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