Pavel Pepperstein

PeppersteinBorn 1966 in Moscow. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (1985-1987). In 1987 co-founded the experimental group of artists “Inspection Medical Hermeneutics”. Since 1989 he has been an independent artist, writer, critic, art theorist and rap musician. In 2009 represented Russia at the Venice Biennale. His works have been exhibited in museums around the world, including Le Louvre and the Tretyakov State Gallery, the Russian State Museum, and in Le Centre George Pompidou.

Holy Politics

Project features 10 paintings and several watercolours. Pepperstein projects a childlike and almost naive, beatific view of today’s political reality. The hottest topical issues are immortalised by
a cast of sympathetic characters, the mythological ‘allies’ of the author, who through his work profess their anger and aggravation at what is happening in the world. The artist uses his characteristic wit to connect different cultural codes with cartoon characters, bright colours and graphic images drawn in a distinctive visual clarity. His main character is a generic person, devoid of references to any particular figure or country. The author speaks about the spontaneously playful consciousness of politicians all over the world, unworthy of criticism and impossible to subdue. To adequately perceive it, it helps to simply be aware of what is going on, one can conclude. The tense atmosphere and social unrest such as can be found
at the moment is represented through the antiquated and non–functional forms in his work. The author depicts an entire panoply of causes, from political credos to urban policy and the difficulty of protecting the natural environment from
a so-called “Civilisation of predators”.

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