The Kandinsky Prize announced the winners of the 2014 competitive year

The international jury of the Kandinsky Prize is pleased to announce the winners in each of the three nominations. The winning works have been selected from 9 finalists. All of them, as well as the other 26 nominees, were being exhibited at Udarnik from September 18 till November 30, 2014.

The Project of the Year prize to the value of €40 000 in the main nomination goes to Pavel Peppershtein for the project called «Holy politics» (more information about the project can be found here:

«The Young Artist. Project of the Year» award to the value of €10 000 goes to Albert Soldatov for the project called «Baltus» (more information about the project can be found here:

The winner in the new nomination «Scholarly Work. History and Theory of Contemporary Art» is Mihail Yampolskii for the work titled «Gnosis in Images». The winning work is to be published by the Breus Foundation as a form of award.

The international jury decided on the winners one hour before the award ceremony. The management of compliance of voting procedures with the rules of the award was provided by EY.

The ceremony started with a performance called Razveska during which the persons representing installation personnel filled the large frame on the stage with canvases. The video projection on these canvases created the illusion of a museum space. The traditional lecture on the topic “Museum of the Future” has been delivered in a new format – by the finalists in science nomination. The final of the ceremony was designed to surprise the audience. The graffiti artists came on the stage to produce on the huge canvases their own vision of the new Udarnik. The performance has been enacted under the guidance of graffiti artist Misha Most.

The award ceremony featured performance from the trendy Russian band Samoye Bolshoye Prostoye Chislo (The Biggest Prime Number) with their hits Ikea, Davay and Vzveshen.

Vladimir Pozner, Aleksandr Gafin, Stas Namin, Eduard Sagalaev, Alina Saprikina, Anton Belov, Pavel Lungin, Iosif Bakshtein, Dmitrii Hankin, Mark Garber, Inna Bajenova, Vladimir Ovcharenko, Per Broshe, Viktor Bondarenko, Margarita Pushkina, Lev Evzovich, Olga Sviblova, Marina Loshak, Vasilii Cereteli and many others attended the ceremony.

Concept and production of the ceremony by Aleksey Agranovich, Kirill Preobrazhensky.
Art director – Igor Gurovich.

press release

Award Ceremony, Udarnik

Dinner in honor of the winners, Cristal Room Baccarat

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