Escape Program

ESCAPE_08_0Valeriy Ayzenberg, Anton Litvin, Liza Morozova The group was founded in 1999 (group members as of March 2007) From the moment of creation and until now, the ESCAPE Program activity has been connected with criticism of the engagement practice, simulation of various forms of social functioning, and diffusion of the art borders. Participated in 1st and 2nd Moscow biennale of contemporary art and other exhibitions in Russia and abroad.


Three artists are digging a triangular hole to a continuous rumble of an opening-day crowd. These characters in red suits do not pay attention to the public, retire into their shell — they are implementing, as they think, some necessary work. This pointless process can be interpreted literally, as excavation of a grave or search for treasure, and allegorically, as self-analysis, self-reflection, escapism or aloofness. In other words, the objective is blurred, but the process of deepening goes on endlessly. The strange shape of the object, persistence of the diggers and a state of futility — these are the three semantic components of the project.

It is possible to assume, that the inconsistency of the diggers is displayed not only externally, but also in the depths of their consciousness. They are possessed with an idea fixe, and they are trying to prove an absurd premise: As is known, the Earth is a sphere. If the triangle hugs the surface of the sphere the angles are dull, and if it is flat, they are sharp. If the surface of the sphere is turned flat, then during that very moment, the angles of the triangle would neither be dull nor sharp. But with the condition of the locked form this can be only square. The simple process of digging a deep round pit proves that neither on the surface of the sphere nor at any distance from its center the triangle can position itself, if the angles are straight. In other words, it is impossible for a triangle to be a square.

Escape Program

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