ProvMyzaFounded in 1993 by Galina Myznikova and Sergei Provorov. Provmyza has participated in the VeniceBiennale (Russian pavilion, 2005), a special project at the 1st MoscowBiennale (2005), and film biennales in Cologne and Geneva, among others. Received the grand prize at the Asolo Art Film Festival in Italy, as well as other awards. Works included in collections in Barcelona, Stuttgart, Chicago, and other cities.


Not coping with the intensity of the light, not having the ability to oppose the aggressive imagery of the environment, the organism takes on the appearance of that which surrounds it: it becomes a spot in the picture, it imitates. In the work Despair the environment captures the group of people who become objects, which means they transform into a part of the common imagery, exceedingly poor, but because of that no less strong.

As Goethe said: “We never see in nature anything in the singular, but see everything in combination with something else which is in front, nearby, behind, above or below”. The potential discord between man and nature always gives rise to their internal tension. The flow of man and the flow of nature are more likely separate than united, but the striving towards unity is provoked by certain actions. The beginning and the end of each scene have the appearance of a still life, hinting at Unity in its Renaissance imagery. Stripped of shadows, the crowd and nature are frighteningly unreal and reveal imagery, tense to the highest degree. What is visible is not significant and is not colossal, but its influence is total and all-encompassing. Created through the system of visual images and enriched by poetic symbolism, ritualized history gradually comes into the category of “intellectual pessimism” and despair.


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