ProvMyzaFounded in 1993 by Galina Myznikova and Sergei Provorov. Provmyza has participated in the Venice Biennale (Russian pavilion, 2005), a special project at the 1st Moscow Biennale (2005), and film biennales in Cologne and Geneva, among others. Received the grand prize at the Asolo Art Film Festival in Italy, as well as other awards. Works included in collections in Barcelona, Stuttgart, Chicago, and other cities.

Unexpected dangers can be hidden in the most innocuous-looking objects and in the most seemingly predictable phenomena. For example, a group of young people at a classical music concert might find themselves in a very uncomfortable, unnerving situation. An organ that is supposed to produce music instead blasts wind into the audience, pushing people off their seats and forcing them to “get in touch” with those sitting next to them in the auditorium. Ultimately, Fugue is another attempt by the artists to visually represent “tactile feelings.” Three Sisters is a site-specific installation. Three little girls appear in a window in the facade of a building. One gets the impression that they are considering jumping down, which, from that height, would surely be fatal. For them, it is just an amusing game, but the audience feels the real danger. As in Chekhov’s play, these children have a choice: they can either jump or go back inside. In the end, like Chekhov’s three sisters, who will never go to Moscow, they step back.
Antonio Geusa

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