Rauf Mamedov

mamedovRauf Mamedov was born in 1956 in Gianja, Azerbaijan.
In 1973 he began studying at the AzerbaijanAgriculturalAcademy, before working variously as a mechanic, driver and psychiatric hospital attendant for four years from 1976.
In 1980 he enrolled at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography in Moscow, with brilliant results.
Since 1985 he’s lived in the capital and worked as a director.

The Silence of Maria

Silence in the loving heart is an eternal sign of love. We see this sign in Mamedov’s new project, The Silence of Maria, where a poetic form gets a special dynamic treatment. We see ‘The Flight To Egypt’. The Virgin Mary riding a mule, the Child she holds in her arms, Joseph leading the mule — the choice of protagonists does not diverge from the canon. The desert is the place where God’s people are born and Exodus happens. The desert is a place of repentance and ordeal, of silence, salvation and conversing with God. The protagonists recover their inner truths in and with it. The silence of Maria, who saved words and “pondered them in her heart” (Luke 2:19) is understated and full of mystery. Her silence echoes the sonic vacuum of the desert but at the same time is full of knowing what will happen to her and the child.
Following tradition, Mamedov introduces elements from apocryphal writing: we see a boy who closes the procession. He is Jacob the Younger, brother of God. His presence in this story is important to create a harmonious composition. Jacob and Joseph are close to Maria, but do not partake in the mystery. The unity of Jacob and Joseph and their independence of Maria are stressed in the last section of the polyptych, where they sit pressed against each other, sad and tired in their loneliness, under a cloth to hide from the rain. Maria is doing quite the opposite: she opens herself and the child to the purifying rain.

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