recycleThe Recycle was founded in 2005. Andrei Blokhin was born in 1987 in Krasnodar. Egor Kuznetsov was born in 1985 in Stavropol. Over the past few years Recycle have shown four projects in Moscow. Their most recent solo exhibition, featuring all four projects, took place at the Tver Center for Contemporary Art in spring 2011. They won the Kandinsky Prize 2010 in the “Young Artist” nomination.

The Layers project

Nothing in the entire universe ever perishes, believe me, but things vary, and adopt a new form.
“Metamorphoses” (Ovid)

“Layers” explores the memorials and the evidence that each epoch leaves behind. Among the objects exhibited are some made of cast polyurethane. Trash is both the subject and the material -the moulds were made using aluminium cans, mobile phone covers and plastic cups, in an echo of an archaeologi­cal excavation. They appear to suggest that the by-products of consumer culture can be both an art ob­ject and a source of information about its priorities. “Existence. Homer” is an ironic take on the contemporary mass media, in which fantasy replaces reality in people’s minds. Homer Simpson, the star of a popular American cartoon series whose ‘world’ is de­picted in this work, became for many a symbol of a supranational character, with the ability to say more about American culture than any news channel. The artists play with the obvious: the status of hero has been conferred on an insignificant, albeit highly likeable, character. Our age will be judged not only by that which we leave behind in museums, but also by what is left in the ground.

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