recycleThe Recycle group was founded in 2005. Georgy Kuznetsov was born in 1985 in Stavropol and attended the Stavropol Art School. Attends Krasnodar Art and Industry Academy. Andrei Blokhin was born in 1987 in Krasnodar and graduated the Krasnodar Art and Industry Academy lyceum. Нe also graduated Krasnodar Art and Industry Academy.


The Recycle group belongs to a set of a contemporary artists who do not advertise their stance loudly, preferring to search for compromises and forms of reconciliation between incompatible and oppositional aspects of the modern world — first and foremost the world of concepts and images, the traditional stomping ground of art — rather than lay bare its problems and confront them headon. As it happens, their approach is one of a kind with the approaches not only of lawyers and psychologists, but also computer programmers. Just like programmers, the members of the Recycle group dig concertedly into the cultural and visual “software” that has saved itself onto the “hard disk” of the collective consciousness, attempting to manifest “conflicting programs” and compel them to allow one another to function normally.
The most obvious conflict manifested in the artists’ new project, Reverse, is the collision of the visual forms and subjects of classical art with realities of modern life. It is customary to think that traditional art, known from pictures if not from museums, is more intelligible to the average person than the experimentations of contemporary art.
Recycle tries to find a new use for classical art, to recycle it and look at it from another side — from the back, its reverse, a place where the classics are not oriented towards the past but towards the present. To see a sarcophagus as a trashcan immortalizing the paper battles of an office warrior, the Last Supper as a tense business meeting, and the exploits of comic-book heroes, those modern “saviors,” as the ideal subject of stained-glass windows…

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