Andrey Blokhin and Georgy Kuznetsov

recycle_1recycle_2RECYCLE Group founded in 2005. Georgy Kuznetsov. Born in 1985 inStavropol. Graduated from the StavropolArtSchool. Andrey Blokhin. Born in 1987 inKrasnodar. Graduated from the IndustrialDesignAcademy
Lyceum of Krasnodar. Participated in group exhibitions, including “Art-Moscow” (2008), among other exhibitions.

Andrey Blokhin and Georgy Kuznetsov’s reflections on the state of man in contemporary post-industrial society are the main theme of their art. The society in which the sphere of services prevails and man turns into a technocrat and at the same time has to suit certain standards which are dictated by this society, the society in which there are tendencies towards the so-called “erasure of borders” between once opposite essences. Not only the borders which segregate classes, races, nations and states are erased, but also the borders between the real and the virtual.
Hence the title —RECYCLE is no mere coincidence.
The sign RECYCLE is seen on any product and packaging. It means the recycling of the object, or its utilization. In the project RECYCLE the object of recycling is not the packaging, but the content itself — the person, nature, soul. All the objects can be recycled or utilized, because they are made of synthetic materials which presuppose this — plastic, polyethylene,vinyl.






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