Roman Mokrov

mokrovBorn in 1986 in Elektrougli. Graduated from the Moscow State Regional University with an master’s in psychology (2010), the Free Workshops at the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art (2011), and the New Artistic Strategies course at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow (2011). Solo exhibition: “Notmoscow” (2012, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art). Lives and works in Moscow.

The Endless Story
Every day Moscow takes in thousands and thousands of people, who come for work, study and lei­sure. They come to improve their lot, to improve their salaries, their minds, and their lives. Or just to look around, spend money in a shopping center, go to a movie. For the most part they move without thinking, following a route set in childhood — to school or college, to work or home. Essentially a trip to Moscow is the road to happiness. Or the search for happiness. As we all know, the road to the top is a rocky one. If you ride Russian Railways’ trains into Moscow from the suburbs, it’s an expensive one too, and most people are forced to find a way to get around it. More often than not, one person morosely follows the other, climbing through a hole in the fence, giving no thought to the essence of the problem. Trains rumble past with their bellies filled with a human mass united in its determination to get to Moscow. Human life. What is it? Is it going with the flow or bucking the trends? Fighting your way to the top or following passively? A search or blind acceptance? Every day spent on the road to happiness is an overcoming. For some it is sliding between the fence slats, for others it is wrestling with their own weakness. Sliding, wrestling, overcoming. An endless quest, pursued daily. Endless movement.

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