Roman Sakin

sakinBorn in 1977 in Kursk. Graduated from the Stroganov Art-Industrial University (2005). Solo Exhibitions: K.B.-1 (2007 ARTStrelka-projects, Moscow), Forest (2008, Moscow Museum of Modern Art), 3rd Degree Specialist (2011, Guelman Gallery, Moscow).

Third-Degree Specialist
In discussing the relationship between a work of art and the viewer, Roman refers to the research of Professor Josef Hynek (an American ufologist and astronomer) on human contacts with aliens. Sakin quotes his scale of human contacts with aliens. “The scale consists of three levels. They are ap­proximately as follows:
1. Seeing a UFO from a distance
2. Seeing and feeling
3. Seeing, feeling, being inside a UFO and communicating with aliens. This scale is perfect for the classification of human contact with art.” “I was often worried by the weak impact art exhibitions had on me, especially those of unfamiliar art­ists, at which one simply has to look,” Sakin says. “I suppose this is contact of the first level. A stronger impression was made on me by exhibitions in which something was moving, or I had to do or move something, or something smelt, or I knew something about the artist. This is contact of the second level. The strongest impression was made on me by exhibitions of artists whom I personally knew, espe­cially if I saw how the work was created, saw the sketches, and, even better, saw it in the studio. This is contact of the third level. So I decided to make third-level contact possible, creating my own stu­dio, open to all, in the gallery. The idea of such an exhibition is that the visitor, being in the studio, finds himself inside the process of creating a work of art, and this causes stronger emotions and adds a certain honesty, like being be­hind the scenes of a magician’s show.”

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