Sergey Chilikov

chilikov_08_0Born in 1953. Lives in Yoshkar-Ola. From 1976 has been working in the sphere of photography in the group of well-know photographers – “Fact”. Organiser of “Analytical Exhibitions of Photography (Biennale)” 1980-1983 and annual photographic plein air events “In Kundysh” from 1980 to the present. Publisher of the book “Photography of Yoshkar-Ola” 1985. In 1988 – the summary exhibition of the group “Fact” in Moscow “On Kashirka”. From 2001 collaborated with the Moscow House of Photography – participation in international festivals.

Holiday of small town

The story about the Celebration of a Small Town appeared in the town of Velsk which is situated in the south of the Archangelsk region. This, “the celebration of the town”, common for every self-respecting little place, occurs once a year — in Velsk in the last weekend of June. For four years I have been coming here on the invitation of my friends, photographers, in order to exchange something in a friendly way and there was no specific aspiration to necessarily make a purposeful work.
But in 2007 it suddenly happened that, instead of a friendly drink, I went into a mass of people and began to praise the quiet peoples’ festive wanderings. Turning circles round and round on the relatively small space where those celebrating concentrated, I followed everything which in the least way attracted, and without much thought captured moments of human passing. I had already tried the method of spontaneous shooting in 1982 at the 1st of May procession through Brezhnev’s Moscow. Then it led to an obviously anti-communist result. Now, not having any ideological thoughts, I shot with a wide film camera on the move, being excited exclusively by the movement and emotion of the crowd.
And this sense of joyful peoples’ colourfulness I wanted to communicate in the finally completed work.

Sergei Chilikov

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