Sergei Saigon

SaigonSelf-taught artist who studied photography. Works included in the collections of the Cherepovetsky Museum Association, as well as in private collections in Russiaand abroad ( Bucharest, Paris, London and New York).

In Stereotypes. Bang Bang, energetic, self-taught artist Sergei Saigon identifies boundless aggression with mass culture, its languages, heroes and images. The Cherepovets-based painter’s mock-serious imagery asserts the mutual dependence of pop culture’s consumers, with their routine stereotype aggression, and its producers, who supply the former with behavioral models. For Saigon, stereotypes are the product and the main mechanism of pop culture, and aggression is the strongest of these stereotypes. The emblematic figure of aggression is a man with a gun aimed at the viewer, or at a person next to him. Armed figures in Saigon’s works are as recognizable and typical as the subjects in which they are present: a man in a camouflage suit, a mafioso playboy, a ginger hussy, an elderly neurotic. Holding weapons, they become characters in stories that have not yet taken shape but leave us with a sense of deїja` vu. Saigon’s paintings speak to the viewer in the democratic language of Pop art. Each of the four canvases in the open-ended series mimics poster stylistics, with an armed figure against a plain white background and some text. His paintings organically form a stereoscopic series of pop-cultural images, reinforced by stock constructions of linguistic aggression.
А. Е.

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