Sergey Shehovtsov

shekhovtsov_08_0Born in 1969 Salsk, Russia. In 1996 graduated from SurikovArtCollege, Moscow. Lives and works in Moscow. Solo exhibitions: 2007 Throne. XL Gallery, Moscow, 2006 Park, Nina Lumer Gallery, Milan, Italy, Foam-rubber, Anna Nova Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia, 2004 Ephemeral Art, The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Potpourri, Regina Gallery, Moscow, Golden Cage, Regina Gallery, Moscow, Singer, The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow


The work Tron is a big-scale installation, with styrofoam sculpture as central piece mixed with other synthetic materials, like mirrored plastic, daylight lamps and cloth curtains. The opening day of the exhibition happened at the day of Presidential elections. The symbol of power, the Tron-throne dominates the crowd, lost in curved reflections. Unreachable, gorgeous, superhuman chair with autunumous power suply is emty, waiting for the chosen one. Red light tubes resemble the coordinate grid of the virtual reality as imagined in the classic cyberpunk movie Tron.
The installation itself is not straightforward political. The artist reveals his visions to us like a pythoness. Maybe there’s a ring of truth, maybe it’s just a magnificent hallucination. His vision flutters between the modern design of a tsarist throne hall and the tower of the Master Control program. The red carpet — or is it a coordinate grid — multiplies in the curvy mirrors. Viewers — are they the court waiting for the royal appearance, or users queued to the mainframe terminal, or programs locked in the matrix?

Sergey Khripun

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