Sergey Skachkov

skachkov_08_0Winner of International and Russian competitions: “ANIMAGO AWARD 2005” ( Germany) in the category of “Still” (Professional), 1st place. The International competition of Digital Art “The Brain Project 2007”, Laureate. The International competition of Digital Art “NVArt: Art Space” (2008), 2nd place. And also repeatedly received the awards of The Computer Graphics Society.

We learn to fly! We learn to sit! We learn to lie!

“The country is on the ascent, the country is learning to fly!” To be able to fly — means to be free. The desire to learn to fly is the reflection of the state of ascent and the positive development of the country, the revival of self-awareness of the nation as a great People, the coming out of the crisis of humiliation and imperfection, in which the society was for a long time. But possibly, — this is just a case of mass hypnosis or a special type of trance, those methods which the authorities use skillfully. All the more so because the historical experience of freedom in formation and under command is still alive in our consciousness. And the temptation to use this experience is great.
The author created such an artistic image which expresses all the contradictoriness of his feelings and his understanding of the state of the society.
And this contradictoriness suggests that the viewer should seek for himself the explanations and answers to the questions generated by the different interpretations.

V. Latyshev

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