11th Kandinsky Prize 2017 long-list of nomination «Sсholarly work. History and theory of contemporary art»

The list of nominees (long-list) of the 11th Kandinsky Prize of 2017 in the nomination «Scholarly work. History and theory of contemporary art» has formed. The long-list includes 5 author’s research projects (the list in alphabetical order):

Alexey Bobrikov. «The Russian idea on the souvenir counters» and other essays on (post) Soviet art.
Manuscript. SPb.: 2017
Alexander Borovsky. Once Zevsis with Parrasiy … Modern art: practical observations.
Moscow: Tsentrpoligraf, 2017
Valentin Dyakonov.< Moscow Art culture of the 1950-60’s. The emergence of unofficial art.
Manuscript. M.: 2016
The Thaw (collective of authors). Executive editor: Т. Karpova. Scientific editors: K. Svetlyakov, F. Balakhovskaya. Compilers: A. Kurlyandtseva, Y. Vorotyntseva.
М.: State Tretyakov gallery, 2017
Ivan Chechot. From Beckman to Brecker. Articles and fragments.
SPb: Workshop “Session”, 2016
Selected articles

According to the regulations of the Kandinsky Prize, the status of nominees in the nomination “Scholarly work. History and theory of contemporary art” is acquired by at least 5 scientific works, which received the largest number of votes following the results of the voting of the Expert Council. At the same time, the number of nominees can be increased if several contestants scored the same number of votes. Counting of votes in the nomination “Scholarly work. History and theory of contemporary art” was made in July 6, 2017. The control of the correspondence of voting procedures with the rules of the Kandinsky Prize on the day of vote counting was carried out by the EY Company.

Nomination “Scholarly work. History and theory of contemporary art ” was introduced in the Kandinsky Prize in 2014. Since 2015, not only citizens of Russia, but also other countries were able to apply for this nomination. Works began to be accepted both in Russian and English. In 2016, the chronological scope of the research for scientific works participating in the contest was extended. Now it is accepted works on the history and theory of Russian art in the second half of the 20th century or of the 21st century. And also studies devoted to the same period with the inclusion of materials of the first half of the 20th century. (For example, “through” researches on Russian art in the entire XX century or XX-XXI centuries). The competition includes both previously published and unreleased scientific works (monographs, dissertations, researches, articles) created not earlier than 36 months before the deadline for applications for the Prize. Prize is the publication in Russian or English (if the work has already been published in Russian) in the framework of the publishing program BREUS Publishing. The winner in the nomination in 2014 was Mikhail Yampolsky with the book “Picturesque Gnosis”, in 2015 – Valery Podoroga with the book “Second Screen. S. Eisenstein and the cinema of violence “, in 2016 – Victor Misiano with the monograph” Vinogradov and Dubosarsky “.
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