Stepan Subbotin

subbotin_sWas born in 1987г. In Krasnodar, learnin Art Industrial Academy of University of culture (КГУКИ) on 6th course. Lives and works in Krasnodar. The basic exhibitions: 2008 “Audit”, Vysotsky’s Museum, Krasnodar. 2008 “North-south”, Regional showroom, Krasnodar. 2009 «European Atelier: Sharing a Cultural Space», Central House of Artists, Moscow.

Images of heroes, as from poster, beautiful images about the Soviet army, or from comics about the superman where always wins good and justice of certain ideological system. But in a real life, in struggle against “harm” it is necessary to perish, receive heavy wounds. Having combined the beautiful, poster image with a reality it turns out that blood from wounds, turns to shone sparks which give special solemnity and conviviality, hiding the presents a pain, fear and horror. There is an advertising-propaganda poster which only draws a beautiful surface. The overabundance of persuasive patriotism and ostentatious well-being by means of mass media creates a fine visual picture which shows only illusive fun, against grandiose plans and great causes. Combination of the Soviet soldiers, with the hero of the western comics in an image of fighter ОМОНа, show a today’s situation of the advertising-patriotic poster in which even wound or death for the native land, is welcomed and turns to celebratory event. Blood for the native land becomes shone celebratory garlands.


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