Taisia Korotkova

korotkovaTaisia Korotkova was born in 1980 inMoscow.
She graduated the MoscowSecondaryArtSchool (1998),
the Institute of Problems of Contemporary Art (2003) and the V.I. Surkov Moscow State Academic Art Institute (2004).
She has regularly participated in local, national and international exhibitions since 1996.
In 2004-05 she received a grant from the Russian Ministry of Culture.


The Reproduction project deals with the idea of childbirth, a high-tech procedure in the contemporary world. It is about new technologies in medicine: IVF and neonatal intensive care. Large clinics around the world, like factories, offer the cryogenic preservation of human embryos. On one hand, being the last hope for many to raise one’s seed, artificial insemination at a laboratory is a beautiful thing. Due to the medical care provided in such huge hospitals, the lives of many premature infants are saved. The successful birth of a healthy baby is manna from heaven for both parents and doctors. While such planning touches on the appearance or non-appearance of a new life and the abilities or sex of a newborn child, it brings to mind the nightmarish results of such activities described in dystopian novels.
I wanted to explore the relationships between the public and the private, and scientific progress and the human factor, using old painting techniques to show how alluring yet eerie the world of new technologies is — as seen in a human reproduction “factory”. Science is beyond good and evil, becoming a mere instrument in our hands so it is up to us how we use it.

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