Tanatoa Banionis

tanatos_banionisAnonymity is an integral part of the artistic concept

Soldier’s Bible

Soldier’s Bible is a triptych reprising a Gothic altar which comprises three pieces based on well-known biblical subjects. Part one (check term for altar pieces), Judith, shows a female Russian sniper who has just killed two German Jaeger troops. In her hand is a sapper’s shovel as she steps out of hiding to decapitate them. The scene is Karelia, September 1944. The central part is a mesmerizing image of the nightmare of PearlHarbour on 7 December 1941 with its stream of Japanese fighters, bombers and torpedo-carriers attacking the main Pacific port of the American navy. An American fighter pilot and a nurse are running in awe along an embankment. The piece is called Expulsion from Eden. The third part, David and Goliath, taking place at the end of April 1945, is located somewhere in central Berlin during the last days of the battle for the capital of the Third Reich. A young member of the Hitler Youth is sitting on a heavy Russian tank which he has just destroyed.

Soldier’s Bible is part of a project with the working title Regimental Chapel which will comprise eight such altars. This work is the second in the series. The first, Pieta, was shown at Art Moscow-2008.

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