Tanatos Banionis

tanatos_banionisAnonymity is an integral part of the artistic concept.
Tanatos Banionis is a group of artists who wish to remain anonymous. Within the group there is no distinction between those who generate the ideas and those who make them possible, there’s no ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ circle. There is simply the spirit of the studio and a shared aim.

Divine Wind
‘Divine Wind’, a project on the theme of kamikaze, was created between August and October 2008. The phenomenon of Japanese suicide pilots was considered as a basic metaphor, their exploits a supporting point in the development of this project. The word kamikaze has long since ceased to be translated, having become a common term. Its literal translation is ‘divine wind’. The project does not aim to stylize common ethnographic ideas and allusions to the Land of the Rising Sun. Japanese imagery and aesthetics is used primarily as a visual source-book. ‘Divine Wind’ is about choosing one’s path: the path of a warrior, the path of honour, the path of glory, the path which each of us has the freedom to choose or not. At the core of this project, five young women chose to have a large tattoo, enduring a long and painful process with patience and fortitude in anticipation of the transformation of their bodies.

The project comprises full-spine tattoos on five women volunteers, a series of unique large-format photographs, a separate series of unique small-format photographs, a video work combining animation and morphing and a ‘making of’ video documenting the process of tattooing.

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