Tatyana Akhmetgalieva

AkhmetgalievaTatyana Akhmetgalieva was born in Kemerovo.
She was educated at the textile department of the Stieglitz Art and IndustryAcademy and the
New Technologies in Contemporary Art program at the institute of the PRO ARTE foundation, both in St. Petersburg.
She now lives and works in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Pupal Stage

Akhmetgalieva has created two monumental textile panels by hand — these are the sort of subtle, hand-crafted, intimate, measured works so often called “feminine” art. The images woven by the artist reflect on the conflict between the individual and the collective, between the archaic and postindustrial worlds.
The theme of the archaic, which is dear to the author, is linked to her place of birth. “ Siberia is a land connected with maternal beginnings and marked by the aggressive excesses of nature, and it allows us to find certain secret voices there. This has less to do with aesthetic experiences than existential insight. Siberians conceive their presence in the world in the same way an existentialist might. They perceive themselves as being sentenced to life, struggling with feelings of inferiority, bound hand and foot by complete freedom in an existence where no one owes anything to anyone else or supports them,” Akhmetgalieva explains.
Siberia here is a kind of gigantic mythical cocoon, and hidden under all its layered threads are the wellsprings of a new “Axial Age,” presupposing an unprecedented breakthrough.

In her project, Akhmetgalieva emphasizes this metaphor of thread, which since ancient times has served to bind life itself. It is precisely in this context that the artist finds the meaning of female nature, in absorbing and then giving birth again, in “passing through oneself.” The female mother, who nurtures a new life form within herself — something that is simultaneously herself and alien — exists in the borderlands between life and death. Thus Siberia, as a sacred and virgin territory, is capable of rebirth.

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