Tobreluts & Sokolenko

sokolenko_dtobreluts_oDmitry Sokolenko. Was born during a hot summer in the USSR. 2014 Died in the USA during the Winter Olympics. Olga Tobreluts. Was born on December, 3rd, 1970 in with. Murino Leningrad region. With 1991по 2008 – participated in more than 100 group exhibitions and has spent set of personal exhibitions.

A Prisoner In The Caucasus.
Geometric line is the track made by the moving point; that is, its product. It is created by movement specifically through the destruction of the intense self-contained repose of the point. The line is, therefore, the greatest antithesis to the pictorial proto-element the point. Wassily Kandinsky

The point
Here it is, proud of its ripeness, majesty, self-sufficiency. It is apprehensive of no blows from the outside. It is enclosed, it grows out of its center. Its majesty is growing on the plane by devouring the increasing space around it. It never fails to attract attention. It is complacent like a zero, it is silent and invisible. Its silence and movement from the center bends your mind like the hypnotic sleep. It lullabies. It pacifies. A short moment in dance, the so-called ‘check’, may be interpreted as an invisible point. The movement of the point is, therefore, discontinuous and ciphered: dot-and-dash, dotand-dash. It’s when the tension rises to its limit that the point commences an offensive.

The line
There exists still another force which develops not within the point, but without outside of it. This force hurls itself upon the point which is digging its way into the surface, tears it out and pushes it about the surface in one direction or another. The concentric tension of the point is thereby immediately destroyed and, as a result, it perishes and a new being arises out of it which leads a new independent life in accordance with its own laws. The line is always a response to the point’s actions. Its track in space or its leap towards the point’s movement. It is entirely opposite to the point. It is slim and speedy, curious and sweeping. For all its outward independence, the line is subordinate to the point due to its passionate relation towards it and its ancient dependence on it. Sometimes the line may become a horizon for a point, given its absolute clearness. Sometimes the point becomes an insurmountable border dividing the plane into several parts. Then the point loses its invisibility. The line redistributes the space by making it younger.

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