Tsayder Anastasiya

portrait_tsayder300Anastasia Tsayder was born in St. Petesrburg. In 2012 she was among the winners of Silver Camera Award in Moscow. Her personal projects and portfolio were published in printed and online magazines, such as: The Guardian, ARTPHOTOMAG, “Искусство” etc.
Solo shows: Russians Interiors, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia, 2014
Mzensk, Gallery Fotodepartment, St.-Petersburg, Russia, 2013
Group shows: Rencontres d’Arles slide programme, Mzensk project, Arles, France, 2014

In this series the ideal depiction of the Russian provinces, that exist somewhere, hidden from view, is made incarnate. The photographs reveal something previously unseen or more likely irrevocably lost and yet familiar – from paintings, book illustrations and films.
The author steps away from her usual documentary style and immerses the viewer in the ephemeral space of an imagined idyll. Despite the illusory nature of this world, the photographs become convincing evidence of its existence.Dimly familiar forms are developed and become instantly recognisable – yes, everything looked exactly like that.
By selectively leaving outside the frame the trappings of modernity, the author places the images on a timeless plane. The few contemporary objects that stay in the frame, not connected to present day aesthetics, serve as a reminder that what we are seeing depicted is “life-as-it-is”. Deprived of a sense of belonging to a particular time, the images are drawn one step away from their normal space, closer to the mythical “Mzensk”.

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