Vadim Zakharov

zakharov_vWas born in Dushanbe in 1959. Nowadays he lives and works in Cologne and Moscow. Graduated from the Moscow State Teachers Training Institute. He is an artist, editor, archivist of Moscow Conceptual art scene, collector. Since 1978 he has been participating in exhibitions of unofficial art and worked in collaboration with Igor Lutz, Victor Skersis (SZ group), Sergei Anufriev and others. In 1982–1983 he was a participant of the APTART Gallery. Since 1992 he has been the publisher of the Pastor magazine and founder of Pastor Zond Edition. Editor and designer of the book on Moscow Conceptualism (2005).

No distance
The action “No distance. One work – a hundred interpretations” was carried out in Rome at the end of 2007. Very important to me was the idea of Art as a single process, in which there are no divisions into time and stylistic sections and styles, on which contemporary art criticism has been insisting for so long. For the artist, only the single process of creation exists, which is indivisible into segments, definitions and trends. Everything in this process is based on associations, reminiscences, momentary feelings. And the presence of absurd ideas and concepts just underlines the logic of the creative law – only the abyss of the personal may become society’s and culture’s collective unconscious, which is fundamentally indivisible.


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