Valeria Matveyeva-Nibiru

nibiruValeria Matveyeva-Nibiru was born in 1981.
She lives in St. Petersburg.
In 2003 she graduated the Saint-Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television with a diploma in animation.
She is one of the organizers of the Open Defence festival, which works with young artists in the fashion world.
In 2008 Matveyev-Nibiru made the Kandinsky Prize long list.

Journey to the Other Side of the Dream: Wardrobe

The wardrobe was the place where we hid from the outside world during childhood, and where our fears came from at night. It is the door to an otherworldly, magical world; perched peacefully in the corner, when everything around falls asleep, the door opens and releases a chimera.
The image of the wardrobe carries a multitude of connotations. It is a Hall of Horrors with mummified mermaids and fake but convincingly realistic creatures falling out onto unsuspecting spectators; it is the entrance to Narnia and Monsters, Inc.; it is a place of secrets, the home of the “skeleton in the closet”. But it is also Kabakovsky’s cabinet, which can fit an entire lifetime inside. Real life goes on only in this wardrobe: the life of consciousness, interpreting events by the rules of their own fairytale.
The project Journey to the Other Side of the Dream is dedicated to issues of personal identity and solipsism. It is a graphic art series about a character: the little girl Lerochka, who was sick, drank some warm, healthy compote, and found herself at the beginning of a journey across the endless expanses of her own consciousness…
As she passes through each stage, Lerochka is faced with the fact that in every character and every corner of the universe she recognizes herself. She is travelling inside her own solipsistic consciousness, inside her own dreams. Consciousness, finding itself asleep, cannot wake up, like Descartes, and understands its own inability to ever wake up, to separate “true” reality from fairytales…

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