Vasileva Ekaterina & Zubkova Ganna

Photo du300Ekaterina Vasilyeva (1983) is born in Moscow, graduated from Lomonossof University (Political Science) and National School of Fine Arts in Paris. She works with sculpture, photography, video and performance; she recently showed her works in Moscow (Gallery Elektrozavod, Gallery Beliaievo, Kolomenskoe Park etc.), in Brussels (Espace Clovis XV), in Paris (Church of St. Eustache, Gallery Mansart). Since 2014 she works in duo with Hanna Zubkova develloping performative contextual practice.

Axis of Revolution
Artists walked through Moscow on foot from the very North point of Moscow orbital highway to the very South point of it, carrying a metal structural shape of rectangular section 6 meters long. The entire line of march is 45 km, taking 17 hours to be accomplished. Artists started their journey at the sunrise at 5:40, they marched through Moscow and reached its geographical centre, Square of Revolution, when the sun was in zenith, at 13:38, and they finished our performance at 22:40. Artists were moving straight forward following a line from the most northern point of Moscow to the most Southern, synchronizing our way with the way of the sun, constructing a cross with its trajectory.

« Circular movement / Overturn : internal semantic contradiction presented in the phrase “axis of revolution” is perceived as following: in the initial latin phrase, used by Copernicus, revolution means circular motion, but in common use it is also referred to drastic overturn (usually in political sense). This polysemy is the principal of our intention to coordinate the movement of a cosmic body and our intimate endeavour of inner profound revolution.

The performance caught unpredicted media attention, being perceived by many as a political protest action. It was the city that reacted, the context that activated a political dimension of the metaphor, which was one of the readings of the plastic gesture practiced in the urban context of the capital of Russia.

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