Victor Alimpiev

alimpiev_08_0Born in Moscow in 1973. Graduated from the ArtCollege n. a. the year 1905, finished the school “The New Strategies of Contemporary Art” under the auspices of the “Institute of the problems of Contemporary Art”, and also did a two-month course in the High School of Art “Veland”. Lives and works in Moscow. Solo exhibitions in Moscow, England, Italy (2008), Belgium, Germany and France (Le Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2007). Participant of the 1st and 2nd Moscow Biennales, the 4th Berlin Biennale, the Venetian Biennale (2005) and others.

The subject matter of the images in both works is the collective; a group of people in concord, as if in the limelight of invisible glory, like a sculptural group. For me it is important to create an image of some “perpetually”, repeating action, like the shimmer of tension in a sculpture.

Whose exhalation is it?
A choir of eight members is performing a musical phrase built on a gradual increase in tone. Some time after the beginning of the phrase one of the members inhales deeply and holds his breath for as long as possible. The member who has held his breath, naturally, stops singing: the holding of the breath and pause in singing, the absence — is his (her) solo. When a soloist, having exhausted his endurance, exhales, his (her) noisy exhalation happens in a “miraculous way” exactly in unison with the last, highest note in the phrase.
It is important that this holding of the breath, the resistance and exhalation at the end of one’s strength is part of the music, it is as if it is “written in the score”…

My justification
The actress makes a series of gestures, directed towards the nape of the other actress (the image of the female nape is inspired by the works of the Minor Dutch painters). These gestures are similar to the work of a sculptor and also to the gestures which accompany a speech about the beauty of a landscape — distant and vast. But into this “lyrical distance” creeps uneasiness: perhaps it is a historical memory, an image of violence — a shot in the nape, invented in the twentieth century?

Victor Alimpiev

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