Victor Linsky

linskyBorn in 1986 in the village Enem, Republic of Adygea. Graduated from Krasnodar College of Light Industry (2006). Participated in “Measure of Things: the Image(s) of a Person in Contemporary Art” at Kovalenko Krasnodar Regional Art Museum (2011). Lives and works in Krasnodar.

Smart Food

Scientists are constantly inventing things that make life easier. As a child I dreamed of a small TV that would show cartoons. Now I can watch videos on my phone. My life has seen other useful inven­tions. Now I dream about something else. I want to be smarter, but to be smarter you have to read, and I don’t like reading. So now I dream about other ways of obtaining information. For example, by eating food. Why haven’t scientists invented a microwave oven connected to the Internet? Such an oven would fill food with useful information as well as cook it. You could eat a meatball cooked in the oven and say, just like Neo in “The Matrix”: “Now I know kung fu.”

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