Victor Yuliev

YulievVictor Yuliev was born in St. Petersburg in 1981.
From 2007-2009 he studied at the Y.A. Galperin photocorrespondent faculty of the city’s Union of Journalists.
Since 2008 he’s participated in online workshops by the Objective Reality Foundation.
In 2010 he was selected to participate in a NOOR/Nikon Petersburg masterclass for documentary photographers.
Yuliev is a member of the Russian Photoartists’ Union and was a finalist of the Shots Directory Photography Competition ( UK, 2010).


Sleeping is the most mystic and unknown process in the human body. In spite of the fact that scientists can’t come to an agreement of the nature and characteristics of sleeping, it turns out to be even more important to a human being than food and water.
The absence of sleep even during one night influences attention and visual perception in a very negative way. And a permanent shortage of a sleep can cause different diseases, such as memory damage, unclear speech, hallucinations, paranoia, decrease of mental activity and others. Most of these impairments are seen among homeless people, who don’t have a permanent place to stay or a healthy sleeping pattern.
These pictures were taken in an overnight tent for homeless people run by the charitable organization Nochlezhka in March 2009, St. Petersburg.

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