Victoria Marchenkova

marchenkovaBorn in 1987. Graduate of the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia, postgraduate student at the department of art history at the Russian State University of the Humanities. Member of the Vidiot group.

“Potential Great-Grandfather”
The documentary “Potential Great-Grandfather” is set in China in 2020 following the disintegration of Russia. Russian artists tell stories about their lives. In an indirect way they are all connected with the world of the Chinese protagonist who lives on the territory that once belonged to them but now belongs to her. The characters speak as bearers of knowledge about the relationship between East and West at a time when there was still a demarcation line between them, but they do not answer the question of whether defeat can be turned into victory and what should be considered a victory when we are dealing with a country. Yuri Leiderman, Sergei Shutov, Kirill Preobrazhensky and Lev Evzovitch (part of the AES+F group) took part in the project. The trajectory of the film is a transition from more concrete, personal narra­tives to abstract and theoretical narratives. It rejects the postmodernism conception of a boundless artwork (Boris Groys term), of a text that can’t be read. On the contrary, every word of the artists’ sto­ries in the film is meant to be heard and understood. Different narrative techniques help in this re­gard — reiterations, clarifications and so on. As they talk about Russia and China the artists don vari­ous stereotypical narratorial masks — storyteller, enlightener, expert and, of course, great-grandpa.

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