Vitaly Pushnitsky

pyshnickyVitaly Pushnitsky was born in 1967 in Leningrad.
From 1988-94, he studied at the I.E. Repin State Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.
He is a member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists. Since 1996, he has worked in the contemporary art department at the State Russian Museum.
Pushkinsky’s works can be found in state and private collections in Russia, Denmark, Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland and the United States. He lives in St. Petersburg.

Here and Now

Here and Now is a project by Vitaly Pushnitsky which defines the measure of the artist’s responsibility and his way of involving himself in actual political processes. It is a long argument, known from the letters between “pragmatic” romantics Dobrolyubov and Gercen with the poet and citizen Gogol. In the dilemma of “mine’s proud” and “heart’s width” suggested by Gogol, Pushnitsky chooses the latter. The essence of this new project lies in its reaction to an impetuously changing world, together with an attempt to change oneself. It breaks the limits of a successful artist’s specified role with a fixed number of visual topics and images. Pushnitsky improvises, testing the plasticity and artistic value of new materials, and every time arrives at a fresh solution.
The dramatic glow of the world torn into pieces lights the first hall. Glittering anthracite sculptural objects (like fallen meteorites from the sky), on faceted planes, suddenly become apparent and clearly recognizable “traces” of civilization — laser-cut plans of neighborhoods in European cities. Here, civilization and culture seem some kind of test for an artist ready to transform his global observations into art objects.

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