Vitaly Pushnitsky

pushnitsky_08_0Born in Leningrad in 1967. 1988-1994 – studied in the ArtsAcademy, in the Graphics Department. From 1994 a member of the Saint Petersburg Artists’ Union. From 1996 has been working in the StateRussianMuseum, the Department Of New Art Trends. Lives and works in St. Petersburg. Works in the spheres of painting, installations, graphics and video-art. His works are on show in State and private collections.

The project SON

The image of the sculptural installation SON arose not from literary metaphor, but from the wish to work with a 3d architectural form (submerged in a gallery space) which one cannot walk around and see fully from all sides. The choice of subject matter was suggested by the plasticity of the huge sleeping head relates also to the history of ancient sculpture, the preserved fragments and losses of which we are continually compelled to imagine. Before our eyes immediately rise up Roman antiquities or the replicated a thousand times Buddhas’ heads with a happy smile. To search for some special Buddhist insights “amongst the aspens of the fatherland” is hardly worth it. It is more important here to come to the choice itself of artistic material. The contemporary Russian sculptor — a monumental artist, as a rule, is the hostage of works which are enormously expensive in production and complicated to transport. But the loss of 3d plastic art significantly impoverishes the language of Russian art. There is only one solution — the use of non-traditional economical materials. The choice of material is not merely functional. A foreseen range of possibilities, a sense of modernity and the prevailing dialogue about time which can “be caught in stone” are hidden behind this precise choice. Having made a search, Pushnitsky decided to use construction foam-propylene, usually used for insulating houses.

Dmitri Pilikin

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