Vladimir Grig

grigBorn in 1962 in Krasnodar. Graduated from the Krasnodar Art School (1987). In 1995 he received a grant from the Berlin University of the Arts. Since 1990 he has been a member of the Russian Union of Artists. Grig has created over 40 projects for solo and group shows and festivals in Russia, Germany and Austria. He also participates in the Melonoise music project. Since 2007 he has worked in the genre of science art. Lives and works in St. Petersburg.

Broom Bush Over the River
Almost all my projects are about borderline states, when the “recognizable” reality comes into con­tact with other facets of reality and we see it in a particular perspective. This friction at the boundary of dimensions gives rise to a certain kind of gaze – a paradox that I try to convey in accessible terms with the help of painting, graphics, animation, music and installations.

Vladimir Grig

The poetics of the work of Vladimir Grig grows not out of the glorious genetic reserves of Hollywood but from the stem cells of Soviet book publishing. The country that reads more books than any other in the world was able to forge a singular visual language behind the Iron Curtain, which in the post-modern age has been a rich source material for artists. But while for Kabakov or Pivovarov the use of aesthetic codes from the 1950s and ’60s was part of the personal history of complicity and the subse­quent critique of these codes by extreme identification with them, for Vladimir Grig, who was born two decades later, this language is a detailed subject for study and a means of immersion into an aes­thetic and time. Grig’s aesthetic games can be read as a kind of nostalgia, but his nostalgic journey into the past turns out to possess unexpected relevance.

Dmitry Pilikin

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