Vladimir Kozin

kozin_v1953 was born in Lvov, Ukraine. Graduated from St Petersburg State School of Art and Pedagogies named after Roerich St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design (formerly named after Mukhina). Member of the Russian Artists Union since 1984. Member of the St Petersburg Humanitarian Foundation Free Culture. Since 1996 member of the Art Society Partnership the New dumps. The director of the Alternative Portable Museum of Contemporary Art Museum the mousetrap for Contemporary Art In 2000 together with Vadim Flyagin founded the Раraziт Gallery witch doesn’t have any permanent address In 2006 founded the smallest gallery in St Petersburg 10х15.

Closer to the Body
The indicator of life in this world is, strange as it may be, parasites. The parasite parasitizes only on something living, and only vultures – on the dead. Unfortunately, the live body is hidden behind all sorts of sterile mannequins and glamorous magazines. But I believe that the epoch of the New Matriarchy is coming. And inevitably a New Corporeality will emerge with it. I am, therefore, in advance “setting free” my “heavy artillery” – of insect parasites in search of this New Corporeality. And I summon – the respected audience and colleagues-artists “Closer to the body!”

The project “Closer to the Body” presents a series of 4 human insect parasites enlarged from 500 to 5000 times. The works are made using the technique – automobile rubber, wire, twisting. 2008-2009. When this project was still being pondered over, I gave myself various tasks, including identifying and artistically interpreting the ugliest insects-parasites: fleas, lice, pubic lice, itch mites, bedbugs – God’s perfect creatures. Those which, apart from Levsha’s “English flea”, remained artistically uncalled for. I wanted to make these creatures convincing, very big, enlarged by a hundred and even a thousand times (bigger than my favourite Modernists did – for example Cl. Oldenburg).

When I started working, there was still no sign of the crisis. And I planned to make at least five of these parasites. But whilst making the objects the crisis broke out. And the thought occurred to me: “And what if it isn’t just a mystical coincidence!?…” Therefore I decided that it was necessary to stop. For these creatures are, at the end of the day, – symbols of devastation, poverty and destitution… And then these beasts will “presage three lean years”, and not four, five or God forbid seven!” I had to dismantle the bedbug, which was almost ready, and stop making them.
Vladimir Kozin


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