Vladimir Logutov

logutov_08_0Contributed to special projects at the 1st and 2nd Moscow Biennales (2005, 2007) and Modus-R in Miami (2006). Received the Grand Prix for Digital Media at the Kinoshock 2006 film festival.

The series Interpenetration of the visible and the real

At the core of Vladimir Logutov’s work lies a simple game: transforming reality with the help of reality. His three-channel installation Interpenetration of the Visible and the Real consists of a series of melancholic landscapes in which natural elements from two different geographical spaces are merged together. Each video in the triptych is a self-contained world: everything happens inside the visual space of one compact composition – “narration” does not develop by the sequence of different shots. The digital intermission is evident only in the conflict of scale between the two sources: the water with its incessant swirling, lapping to and fro and gurgling dominates over the cold background of wild trees. The “Visible Real” that Logutov has built in the computer lab has nothing in common with the conventional language of commercial special effects. He does not distort reality, he overcharges it. There is nothing psychedelic in it, nothing that bombards the eye like the visual tricks in action movies or many musical clips, nothing that belongs to a fantastic world. Everything in it comes only from the Real – the most unsophisticated one, that of nature. As a result, we are allowed into a delicate and intimate world where we swirl, lap to and fro and gurgle.

Antonio Geusa

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