Vladimir Logutov

Contributed to special projects at the 1st and 2nd Moscow Biennales (2005, 2007) and Modus-R in Miami (2006). Received the Grand Prix for Digital Media at the Kinoshock 2006 film festival.

Expectation and The Useless are investigations into the limits of a viewer’s capacity for reading moving images. Both works consist of a single shot recorded in an ordinary urban landscape. What happens inside the frame truly challenges the audience: digital alterations are seamlessly blended into the overall composition, and it is up to viewer to find them. Sometimes this is easy to do, such as in The Useless, where three youngsters jump in the air at different speeds. This is no less effective; that the action defies the most basic laws of physics surprises and amuses the viewer. The stream of people flowing by on-screen in Expectation requires a closer look in order to spot the artist’s digital modification (some of these people are duplicated standing next to each other). Augmented by endless looping, the work is just as absorbing.
Antonio Geusa

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