Julia Devlyashova and Alexandra Toschevikova

devlashovatoschevikova_aDevlyashova Julia. 2007 – 2008 Postgraduate school of Scriptwriters and Film directors, feature films studio of Vladimir Menshov. 2000 – 2005 MSU under Lomonosov, journalism faculty. Red diploma (Praemia Laudi). Master-class of K. Zanussi, oct. 18-30, 2007. 2007, 2008 Master-class of N. Mikhalkov. 2003-2004 Laboratory of Media Culture and Communication. 1996-2000 Art school, (Troitsk).

Toschevikova Alexandra. Member of the MoscowUnion of Designers. Member of the Russian Union of Local Lore. 2009-2012 The Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia. 2008-2009 Photo-faculty under Y. A. Galperin. Curator P.M. Markin. 2006-2012 StPbSU of Film and TV. 2005 Master-class of Sara Moon.

Sometimes one moment says more than thousand words. Sometimes the turn of the head is better understood than a hundred gestures. Sometimes our day is filled with events, but the only thing that our memory saves is the view from a window, early in the morning.
We do not notice how our life is gradually becoming a photo album. Moments – sad, funny, strange – are imprinted in the consciousness for we could always close our eyes and see the story as we had seen it once.
Perhaps that’s why the method of photo-film attracts artists: it is similar to the properties of memory and perception. One shot tells about the whole situation. Perhaps this is the mystery of this kind of media art, which stands on the edge of photography, cinema and animation.
And then, to stop a moment is not only a property, it is also a desire of human mind. When everything is too fast or too well, we want a pause. In some sense photo-film makes it real: we can watch the stopped moment, we can feel the transition from one state to another. We see the story the way it could be remembered. “COFFEE-BREAK” – is a photo-film, a story told by means of photos and music. There was a gloomy morning when fatal visitor appeared in a cozy French cafe… A cup of coffee breaks romantic expectations of the heroine, but she finds the way to transform that cup into her victory.
We express our gratitude to the French café «Jean-Jacques» on Nikitsky Boulevard for the help in organizing the shooting.

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