Yuri Albert

AlbertParticipated in “Moscow-Berlin” (2003-2004), a special project for the 2nd Moscow Biennale (2007) and the 1st Thessaloniki Biennale (2007). Has had solo exhibitions in Moscow, Helsinki, Cologne, Munster and Munich.

Yuri Albert’s projects are devoted to the idea that the contemporary artist cannot create Real Art, nor can the contemporary viewer interpret it because the necessary organs have atrophied on both sides. Rather than presenting “live” works, Exhibition offered the public a written description of unrealized actions, while the artist who supposedly had not created anything read excerpts from Diderot’s Salons on video. It equated Enlightenment-era paintings, long forgotten in archives, with art that has yet to be made. In his performances Sculpture No. 2, or Walking Around the Exhibition and Blindfolded Excursions, Albert turned the viewer into the object of his experiments as he made a conscious effort to hinder the viewer’s access to beauty. In the former work, viewers had to walk around the museum with a stone in one shoe, experiencing tactile discomfort. In the second, they had to listen to a tour guide’s descriptions of the art while blindfolded. Thus Albert reveals the traditional museum as a place where it is fundamentally impossible for the viewer and the artist to meet. Like two characters out of Andersen’s fairytales, the trickster tailor and the boy who cries out that the emperor has no clothes, he suggests that we set off for a virtual or utopian museum of text, where this long-awaited contact can take place after the artist’s death.
Anna Tolstova

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