Misha Leykin born in 1968 in Volgograd. Graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute in 1994. Masha Sumnina born in 1977 in Moscow. Graduated from the Moscow Academy of Printing in 2001.The pair are laureates of the Terna Prize (Italy). Live and work in Moscow.

SuperJew. The rumors about hideoism

“SuperJew: Rumors of Hideoism” is an exhibit and a theory dedicated to the anti-ideological notion of #hideoism. This word describes a situation or a concentrate of particular circumstances that hap – pened directly in the here and now. The beauty here lies not in the dictatorship of the canon, but in the unexpected discovery. This is an observable musical score of virtuosic dance, performed by the characters Intentional and Accidental, a chronology of the occurrence of unforeseen obstacles and decisions made. A true hideoist ponders every situation directly and individually at each moment in time; he does not create canons nor allow the pattern to ossify. A true hideoist is enterprising and spontaneous. Of course, he does not abandon the idea of consistency; he is just very, very attentive to the details. For the content of the paintings, we chose the travels of the character SuperJew who, in his shining blue suit, is always trying but failing to merge with the land – scape. The action in the photographs is completed with the help of tape, which either helps or hin – ders the “sticking” of the hero into his environment. Scotch tape is known as a tool for instant but unreliable repairs.

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