Gorshkov Ivan

AUTHORBorn in 1986 in Voronezh. Graduated from the Voronezh State Pedagogical University. Co-founder of the Voronezh Centre for Contemporary Art (VCCA, 2009-2019). Winner of the Innovation Prize (2020, “Artist of the Year”). Lives and works in Voronezh.

Everything Fountain

Everything Fountain exhibition concentrates the essence of the author’s creative biography in an ensemble of works united by the logic of the artistic method.

Gorshkov effortlessly combines diverse means and materials, textures and scales, creating an image of many levels and layers, which can be read and interpreted differently by the viewer.

It is impossible to extract any single signal, any one specific image, subject or theme from this exhibition. It bombards the viewer with a multitude of possibilities for reception and reaction. It awakens a certain mode of sensory perception, reconciling one with the visually rich and varied space. Gorshkov’s work provides a better understanding of how a computer-generated digital environment can affect and shape artistic media, different visual languages, and the viewer’s experience. The artist offers his vision of new aesthetic possibilities arising in a world where manipulation of computer data determines basic human thinking strategies.

Alexey Maslyaev

Exhibition project

The exhibition was held from 22 June to 25 August, 2019 at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art

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