Anastasiya Khoroshilova

khoroshilova_aBorn in Moscow. Since 1997 Membership in “The Russian Union of Art Photographers”.
1999-2004Studies of Photography at the University of Duisburg-Essen ( FolkwangSchool), Germany by Prof. Joerg Sasse, passed with distinction. Since 2007 lives and works in Berlin and Moscow.

At the peak of the period of stagnation in Soviet society, Leonid Brezhnev trumpeted the idea of a historically new community of people – the Soviet people. This ideological invention allowed for the presence in the structure of “the Soviet people” of various nations and ethnicities. The theory and practice of an “ideology of national superiority” is today used constantly (and recklessly), including nationalist utterances of a virtually open fascist kind, by Russian politicians at all levels. Currently, everything between the Baltic Sea and the Pacific Ocean, from Kalingrad to Vladivostok, is populated by Russians. This conception, identical with the Brezhnev conception of a single nation, leads to a mistaken understanding and image of post-Soviet space.

Nonetheless, I called my biggest project, “Russkie.” I want to bring together people of various nationalities and various religious confessions that, over time, arrived on the land of the Russian state from various other countries to live together in conditions shaped by history. History has already conducted so many trials and experiments with these people that constant anxiety has become their life and fate. That is why I immediately decided for myself: even in my arbitrary visual world, I will leave them be as they are. I do not wish to, nor do I have the right to, meddle with their reality and disturb them once again. At the conceptual level, they became my conception.
Anastasiya Khoroshilova


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